27 Jun 2013

Benefits of a Gold Coast holiday home over resort accommodation

There are times when a resort accommodation is a great accommodation option for but there are many advantages to choosing a Gold Coast holiday home as your perfect getaway location. Many people who choose this end up being very glad that they did and continue to go back time and time again.

One of the most obvious advantages is the size. You are going to get a lot more space in many holiday homes than you will usually have at a resort. If you consider the amount that you pay for the space that you get, they are often a better value as well. Just take a look at something like the Kalimna Holiday Home in Broadbeach to see how much space is truly available.

Another thing that many people desire is a little more privacy and quiet. When you choose to stay at a Holiday Home like the Rudd Mansion for instance, you get all of the attractions in Broadbeach there when you want them but in the evening you can retire to a serene and private place that overlooks the Waterways.

Often with resort accommodation, you have to take a few steps and spend a little time in order to get to the beach or even outdoors. Take a look at something like the Hedges Ave beachfront holiday home in Mermaid Beach. Having that kind of access is going to a make a holiday substantially more enjoyable.

You can choose from incredible Gold Coast holiday home possibilities by calling 1300 557 368, +61 7 5570 1122 for International or by making an online booking at www.goldcoastluxuryresorts.com.au.