15 Jan 2023

Top 10 things to do on the Gold Coast when it’s raining – 2023 edition

The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, but what do you do when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Fear not, there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy. Here are the top 10 things to do on the Gold Coast when it’s raining:

  1. Visit a museum or art gallery: Explore the local culture at the Gold Coast City Gallery HOTA or the Surf World Museum.
  2. Go shopping: From Pacific Fair to Robina Town Centre, the Gold Coast offers a variety of indoor shopping options.
  3. Hijinx Hotel: Hijinx Hotel is an immersive interactive game experience housed within the theme, wonder and theatre of a quirky New York style hotel where the rooms are reimagined into quick play, challenge rooms. Leave the suitcases at home – these are rooms where you play, not stay
  4. Relax at a spa: Treat yourself to a massage, facial or other pampering services at one of the many spas on the Gold Coast.
  5. Enjoy a movie: Catch the latest films at one of the many cinemas in the area.
  6. Visit a theme park: Thrill seekers can still enjoy their favorite rides at Dreamworld or Warner Bros. Movie World.
  7. Explore a local aquarium: Discover the underwater world at the Sea World marine park.
  8. Try indoor rock climbing: Perfect your climbing skills at one of the indoor rock climbing facilities.
  9. Visit a brewery or winery: Sample local beers and wines at a brewery or winery tour.
  10. Attend a concert or show: The Gold Coast is home to many performing arts centers, offering live music and theater performances.

So the next time the rain falls on the Gold Coast, embrace it and try one of these indoor activities