8 Jul 2022

Whale Watching Season is here!

Whale watching is an iconic experience on the Gold Coast and you should absolutely hop aboard a tour and head out to see them up close in their natural environment. To see them frolicking, breaching and blowing is an exhilarating experience that will stay with you long after you set foot on land again. Our seaside city is one of the best places in Australia to hang out with the humpbacks

An estimated 35,000 whales embark on their migration through the Gold Coast each year. That’s a lot of whales, which is a wonderful thing. These incredible creatures have made their way back from the brink of extinction to become a global conservation success story – so much so that they are no longer considered a threatened species. With population numbers increasing each year, there’s a lot of aquatic traffic along the Humpback Highway, which makes for marvellous whale watching.

Their numbers are so plentiful that Gold Coast whale watching tours have a 100% whale guarantee. So if by some small chance you don’t spot any whales on your tour ( a very rare occurrence), you can return free of charge on another day that suits your schedule. While boats aren’t permitted to get closer than 100m from a whale, that doesn’t mean the whales won’t come to the boat. They are curious creatures and some seem to enjoy observing humans, as much as humans enjoy observing them!

Tour Operators:

Whale Watching with Sea World Cruses
+67 5539 9299 | [email protected] | www.seaworldcruises.com.au 

Spirit of Gold Coast
+617 5572 7755 | [email protected] | https://spiritwhalewatching.com.au/

Wales in Paradise
+617 5538 2111 | [email protected] | https://whalesinparadise.com.au/

Source: destinationGC