17 May 2011

What Makes a Gold Coast Resort a ‘Luxury Resort’

It is easy for a hotel to identify itself as a luxury resort, but what does it really mean? Is it simply a larger space that you get or is there something more that should be expected? Of course, there is no clear definition but there are certain things that can lead you to believe that an accommodation option is truly luxurious.

One thing that you’ll often find in a luxury resort is a spa. They can offer treatments that can relax and rejuvenate you after a day of shopping or enjoying explore the area. You’ll find something like this at a resort like the Verve Broadbeach or the Q1 Resort & Spa. Part of luxury is being pampered.

The amenities that you find in the room will also set a luxury resort apart from something more standard. While you will usually get a television in a regular resort, you should find things like a DVD player and a full stereo system like you would see in the Moroccan Resort Surfers Paradise to feel like you are being treated to true luxury.

It may be those extra features that you simply don’t find in regular hotels that distinguish a luxury resort. Things like a private in house cinema like you would find that Circle on Cavill will be something that you might expect.

It’s possible to take advantage of these true Gold Coast luxury resorts by calling 1300 557 368, +61 7 5570 1122 for International or by making an online booking at www.goldcoastluxuryresorts.com.au.